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We can assist your website keep up with the ever-changing and evolving business.

We will perform extensive updates to your website on a monthly basis.
From simple content updates to extensive design updates, our web maintenance packages cover everything your website may require.

The Real Deal Web Support

It’s easy to use and effective.

The importance of website maintenance cannot be overstated.
One of the most obvious reasons is to increase performance, but it is far from the only one.

It performs well on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs).

Google prefers websites that are updated and optimized on a regular basis.
It is not the specific ranking criteria that makes your website rank so well in SERPs, but rather the overall perceived legitimacy of your website.

Produces Leads.

New clients are attracted to a well-maintained and optimized website, and existing customers are continually engaged.

Keeps up with the trends.

Can stay up with technical advancements and trends.
Your website must change to keep up with the times.
It might be as easy as staying current with design trends or adding new functionality to help you better fulfill customer requests.
These improvements aren’t necessarily dramatic, but they can help your website develop alongside your company.

Website Maintenance on a Higher Level

Design work is usually not included in website maintenance packages and is billed on an hourly basis.
This service’s availability is also determined by the web maintenance company.
There are certain companies that do not have in-house web designers and instead rely on third-party vendors.

Improvements based on input from visitors and customers. Site performance, navigation, and overall user experience may all benefit from these enhancements.
Updates on new and existing products. It's more likely that you'll need to update existing products than than launch new ones. You'll need to change product information and prices, which is essentially the same process. Some items must also be removed or replaced.
Updates on the promotion. Product updates for promotions are another thing you'll need on a regular basis. Short-term price reductions, bundling, or shipping promotions are examples of this.
Upgrade to the component of interactivity. The performance of different website interactive components might be directly affected by regular browser updates. Incompatibility of your interactive components with browsers might cause performance concerns, a high bounce rate, and a low conversion rate, to name a few issues.

Bespoke Web Support

Allow us to Assist you

The RealDeal Digital’s team of developers, internet marketing professionals, and web designers work hard to ensure that all of our clients’ websites are up to date and stress-free.

Everyone involved benefits from our online customer care system, which makes website maintenance easier.
Customers can reach out to our maintenance team, establish a request priority level, update the request, and track its progress all in one spot.

All of our services can be tailored to your specific needs.
Whatever your requirements are, we can tailor a web maintenance solution to meet them.
To design a unique website maintenance package with The RealDeal Digital, contact us right now.

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