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Website Redesign

Re-Imagine Your Brand

Why Would you Redesign your Website ?


A website redesign may appear drastic, and it is.
A well-executed website makeover can result in significant changes, and we’re not just talking about aesthetics.

At first glance, your website appears to be functioning and running as expected.
But did you realize that by redesigning your website, you can improve key features of it?
In one redesign, you may increase overall functioning, improve the user experience, meet your digital marketing goals, and improve your brand’s image.

But the question remains: do you need to overhaul your website?

Website Redesign Self-Assesment

Website redesigns aren’t only about keeping up with design trends; they’re also about keeping up with the changing business, technology, and customer needs.
Your website should be able to maximize your brand’s marketing potential in order for your business to develop

When will you know it's time to redesign your website, though? You'll need to consider the following factors:

Issues with Functionality
Do you need to add a new website feature or are the features on your current site no longer performing as they should?
Outdated Design

Trends in design come and go.
If your website has been around for a while, some of its design aspects may appear dated, giving visitors the impression that it hasn’t been updated in a long time.

Improvements to the navigation and organization

Your website’s navigation and structure could be preventing your visitors from obtaining vital information or completing tasks that lead to sales.

Content that is no longer relevant

In business websites, evergreen content is not possible.
Out-of-date content, particularly that relating to products and services, might hurt your lead nurturing efforts.


It takes a lot of effort to keep up with the competition, but a company’s rebranding effort isn’t complete without a website redesign to reflect the changes in the brand’s identity or image.

We're the Website Redesign Company You'll Need.

There are a few items on your website that aren’t working.
You’ll need a permanent solution, not a band-aid.
The award-winning design team at TheRealDealDigital will deliver amazing solutions, including but not limited to:

  • A one-of-a-kind, custom-made website with outstanding aesthetic appeal
  • A fully functional website with an outstanding UX experience and a user-friendly UI.
  • Redesigns of websites that are highly responsive and future-proof
  • Website that has been optimized for search engines in order to gain more visibility.
  • Increased digital marketing revenue with a conversion-optimized website
  • A website that is up to date and performs well in terms of technology.

Customized Redesign

Every website is unique, and we are well aware.
Even if the websites are of the same type or sell the same things, design solutions that work for one website may not work for another.
As a result, we provide bespoke redesign solutions that are tailored to your website’s specific requirements.

The following are some of the features of our all-inclusive in-house website redesign services:

  • Website maintenance
  • Regular updates
  • SEO service
  • Search Engine Visibility
  • Website content, copy writing and media creation
Redesigning a Website: Our Approach

In order to find a balance between aesthetics and utility, web designers employ a number of design concepts.
A web redesign follows the same set of rules and ideas as a website makeover, but it usually focuses on specific web design flaws.
In comparison to websites with more visual components, a text-heavy website draws and retains less visitors.

RealDealDigital rebuilt websites can also benefit from website analysis.
We offer an optional website redesign when your plan is renewed annually.

Key Points to Look Out For Website Redesign
User Experience

Most website redesign efforts prioritize user experience (UX) design.
There’s a reason for that.
Because the website is difficult to browse and has unintuitive design aspects, visitors frequently leave without completing any conversion tasks.
In other words, the website’s intended audience will find it difficult to use.
To fix this, web designers return to the most vital aspect of your site: the visitors.
Before you can sell to a target market, you must first understand their demands.

Web Design Responsiveness

The bulk of your clients use small displays to browse the internet.

Your website would become unmanageable without responsive web design, losing its functionality. Mobile consumers prefer mobile-friendly websites, which means you’re missing out on a significant portion of your target market.

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.”

Although it isn’t a design element, SEO is critical in any redesign effort.
Without proper optimization, a revamped website is merely a nice website that no one sees.
The beneficial impacts of the website redesign will be amplified much more via SEO.

It is a process, not a product, that optimizes not just your SERP ranking but also the general performance of your website.

Trust TheRealDealDigital for Design that Inspires

Improve the overall performance of your website with a makeover that increases visitors, leads, and conversions.
We will give your website a new lease on life as well as a fresh coat of paint.

Your company’s digital presence is your website.
The majority of the time, it’s your initial point of contact with customers who had no idea your company existed.
The entire experience of a visitor, not just the first impression of your website, builds a prejudice for or  gainst your company. That’s why you need a website that engages visitors and pushes them to buy from you.

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