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The Real Deal Digital, a group of web professionals, can assist with the support, upkeep, and backup of your website.
When it comes to maintaining their website, many business owners and entrepreneurs suffer.
They might have a website that frequently crashes, is hacked, or loads slowly.
We can be of assistance here.
We can provide you with the assurance that your website not only functions at its best but is also secure for clients to utilize.
Security, controlled updates, performance optimization, and frequent backups are all included in our website support and maintenance service.

Our Hosting

Our hosting infrastructure is solid and dependable because we are a creative design and digital marketing organization.

Not only is reliable hosting crucial for our own website, but it’s also crucial for us to be able to confidently offer our customers the same high level of assistance and assurance.

Since we first started, hosting our clients’ websites has been a component of our service offering, and it is a subject we are quite familiar with.

We go through multiple stages of critical testing and improvement as we construct each site.
When ready, we can smoothly transition from the temporary development site to a live, fully operational one thanks to the secure stability of our system.

Together with the web development team, our systems professionals continually monitor servers to stay on top of any performance changes.
You can be sure that your site is in good hands from the moment it goes online with our fully managed hosting solution.
We are available to offer advise and direction anytime you need it thanks to our extensive and continuing assistance.

What is The Real Deal Hosting Management

24/7 Security Surveillance

Protect your website from hackers.
These days, harmful bots may frequently use brute force attacks on your website.
Our round-the-clock security monitoring continuously checks for security flaws and generates vulnerability alerts and audit records.
By providing two-factor authentication, security advice, blacklist monitoring, IP lockouts, easy security changes, core plugin and theme code checks, and login masking, it can deter hackers.

Regular Backups

All websites should practice regular backups.
We can guarantee that your website will be restored to its pre-problematic form by regularly creating backups of its files and data.
We provide safe cloud-based website backups for our clients.
This means that we are always just one click away from restoring your website to the most recent version that was known to be functional.

Optimization of Performance

The success of your website and SEO depend on website optimization.
Your website will be optimized so that it always loads quickly.
File compression, asset optimization, Gzip compression, picture optimization, and other tasks are all included in our performance optimization service.
Our performance monitoring makes sure that your website is always operating at its peak performance.

Hosting for Managed Websites

Moving your website to one of The Real Deal Digital’s cloud servers may be worthwhile if you are unhappy with your current hosting company.
The newest speed technologies used in our website hosting provide faster website loading:
SSD disks, PHP 7 on NGINX, a CDN, and HTTP/2.
Our web developers will be able to customize the hosting environment once your website is hosted with us, ensuring that it performs at its peak.

Website Migration

We provide a free migration service to any customer who wants to transfer their website hosting to The Real Deal Digital.
We only require access to your live website.
Within 24 hours, we can typically move a website.

Fixing a Hacked Website

Please don’t panic if your website has been hacked or you suspect it has been hacked; we can fix it.
Any website can have viruses, infections, spam comments, and malicious code removed by our expert staff.

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