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Responsive Web Design is Not Optional


It’s not only about ranking in mobile searches.
The importance of responsive website design in providing a consistent brand image across all platforms cannot be overstated.
After all, a website’s presence is meaningless unless it provides great experiences for the intended audience.

Your website’s layout can adjust to even the largest or tiniest displays thanks to responsive web design.
This adaptive technology is future-proof, adapting to newer devices and greater resolutions as needed.

During the building or redesign of a website, mobile-friendliness is a crucial design consideration that is frequently disregarded or glossed over.
For some, it’s a must-have, but for others, it’s just another component in the design package.
In any case, responsive website design has a significant impact on the overall performance of your website as well as your marketing efforts.

Similar User Experience on Smaller Screens

Mobile-friendly design was not a priority a few years ago.
For mobile users, the majority of websites were cumbersome and nearly impossible to browse.
However, as the number of mobile-only surfing sessions increased, so did the demand for mobile-friendly websites.
Not only for SEO, but also for maintaining a consistent brand image and gaining a share of the ever-growing mobile user market, responsive web design has become critical.

Users increasingly want the same viewing experience across all devices.
Websites should adapt to mobile needs in terms of appearance and navigation while maintaining a familiar user experience.
Menus and submenus should remain in their original placements on the website.
Responsive web design is the only way to achieve this level of design flexibility and a seamless user experience.

Why is The Real Deal Web Design is so Effective

Expertise, Experience and Individuality All in One Package

TheRealDealDigital has been a trusted name in web design for over 10 years, staying on top of industry trends and technological breakthroughs.
We stepped up to offer quality designs that are not just flexible but also well optimized as responsive web design became increasingly important to the development of websites.

We strive to constantly study best practices, stay current with evolving design concepts, and improve our team’s experience in the industry.
As a result, we regularly create cutting-edge responsive web and mobile-only website designs that deliver a consistent user experience across all device sizes.

You can’t afford to scrimp on responsive web design.
It’s a single build that, if done correctly, can last the life of your website.
RealDealDigital`s responsive web design services don’t simply change how a website looks across devices; they also make it mobile-friendly in every way, ensuring that it loads and runs well on mobile.

The website’s CMS is one of the most significant upgrades.
Every website’s responsive design project is different, and the extent of the required alterations influences the cost.
The price may vary depending on the structure of the website, the amount of the required design changes, and the website’s aesthetic features.

Project Management

Any web design job can be a lengthy process that involves many distinct aspects.
We’ll produce an in-depth project brief covering all of your requirements, working directly with you, to ensure that all bases are covered from the outset.
Then we’ll create a project management strategy that covers everything from goals and deadlines to scope of work and prices.

If the project requires it, we can also initiate a discovery phase.
This is when we talk with your company’s stakeholders to get a better understanding of the requirements.
We may need to conduct some smaller tasks if necessary to determine if additional work in one or more areas is required.

We’ll send you a complete proposal with our ideas, as well as a timeline of schedules, dates, and costs, once all project areas have been established.
It’s essentially a document that describes both our and your project’s requirements so that everyone is on the same page.

User Interface Design

User Interface Design is an important component of every digital development project.

Rather of focusing on how the site appears and feels, the finest UIDs concentrate on the underlying technology that allows your website to function properly, maximizing the user experience.

Pages taking a long time to load or not loading at all?
Is your website old and clumsy, with links that lead nowhere?
If your website isn’t performing to its full potential and clients can’t find what they’re looking for, they’re likely to abandon you, go on, and never return.

A well-designed user interface will aid you in achieving your digital objectives by successfully meeting your customers’ wants and needs – not just once, but repeatedly.


Web design, as the name implies, entails the creation, maintenance, and development of websites and encompasses a wide range of skills and disciplines.
UX design and graphic design are two separate types of web design.
On the front end of a website, most web designers place a strong emphasis on user experience.

Many things influence the price of a website.
Websites come in a variety of styles and sizes.
You may only require a simple one-page website or a big e-commerce website with thousands of products.
Costs are influenced by the quantity of design work required.
It’s always a good idea to make a checklist or a brief so that we can provide you with realistic charges.

To get things started, we’ll usually schedule a phone conversation or, if you’re local, a meeting.
We can learn more about your company, your target demographic, and your marketing objectives from this initial conversation.
We’ll present our recommendations based on the information we’ve obtained, and if you like what we’ve stated, we’ll put together a project proposal and proceed from there.

Our site designers are quite knowledgeable in terms of technology.
We don’t just construct websites; we know how they’re put together, from the database to the user interface.
If your website has been hacked, please contact us so that we may do an audit and either deal with the compromised content right away or at the very least give you the best advice on what to do next.

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