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What you sell, how your customers interact with your store, and how frequently you update your products all play an important role in determining the best e-commerce solution for your company.
In order to create engaging, original e-commerce websites that meet your short and long-term business goals, Real Deal Digital employs a variety of cutting-edge technologies.

Finding a marketing strategy that works for your company and your budget is essential to gaining new clients and growing website traffic.
We specialize in designing attractive, efficient, and productive online stores so you can attract a consistent stream of clients for your goods and services.

The Real Deal E-commerce Strategy

We can assist you in developing a thorough, captivating website to best display your items, regardless of whether you are an established high street presence or a kitchen table start-up.Along with any paid search marketing, we will work with you to develop a digital strategy that promotes organic, high-value traffic to your website.

We can develop a thorough plan for you that includes any or all of the strategies in our comprehensive e-commerce services, which are divided into the following action areas.

Payment Methods

For their online transactions, modern consumers have grown to anticipate simple and uncomplicated payment methods.
Accordingly, seamless payment gateway integrations are a crucial aspect of the user experience.
We have a lot of knowledge in this area and can make sure you stay clear of the dangers and blunders that are frequently made.
We will work with you to provide a seamless customer experience that benefits everyone.

A 360-Degree Look

With sophisticated e-commerce design, content, and marketing woven into the very fabric of your site, The Real Deal Digital can create your online presence from the ground up.
We can use any preexisting designs, copy, and SEO work or begin from scratch.
Your needs and financial constraints will guide us.

Simplifying E-commerce

We particularly dislike it when web companies use obscure language and try to confuse their customers.
The best outcomes occur when all parties are on the same page, assured, and knowledgeable about any design or approach.
To assist you in making decisions regarding your site, we never use technical-sounding jargon and are eager to discover ways to simplify the more complex web concepts like analytics and SEO.

Consulting for E-commerce

You might already have an internal marketing team handling some or all of your online sales, or you might be a one-person operation attempting to handle everything on your own.

Our in-house e-commerce experts have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in analyzing analytical data, identifying trends in online retail, and implementing fresh marketing tactics.

Marketing for E-commerce

Competitor analysis is one of our areas of expertise.
We are firm believers in careful planning and research, so before we begin, we do a thorough evaluation of your current setup and look at your primary competitors.

We can demonstrate to you where you already have a greater customer share and where you can make improvements to draw in more customers and increase sales.

Design for E-commerce

To build an E-Commerce site that your clients will love using and can easily browse, our in-house designers will work with a variety of technologies and apps.

Your users will be able to concentrate on the goods and services you offer if you create a successful digital storefront with clear branding and content.

Our staff can assist you with updating the current company design work or, if necessary, with a full rebrand.

Bespoke Email Marketing Solutions

What Can Professional Email Marketing Management Services Do for Your Business?

Even with a simple goal in mind, beginning an email marketing campaign isn’t as simple as it appears.
Every campaign involves a lot of work, and campaign management is a never-ending process.

Apart from the apparent advantage of having specialists on your team, email marketing management services provide a lot more than you might imagine.

People working for email marketing organizations will be assigned to specific responsibilities, allowing them to focus on offering the best possible solutions for their clients.

Experts in email marketing can help you reach new heights with your campaigns.

It’s more convenient than you might think to outsource your email marketing management.
Aside from taking care of everything, email management companies also provide add-on services to round out the package.

This could include proprietary tools, novel techniques, or adaptable solutions.

You’ll have more time to concentrate on the results rather than ensuring that the campaign meets your objectives.
While analytics can give useful information on its own, it cannot replace expert counsel and opinion.

Thinking Creatively. Driven by results


The finest expert on your industry and clients is you.

We will meet with you and your team in a series of introductory sessions and consultations to learn what makes your business tick.
We’re interested in learning more about how you operate, who your clients are, and your long-term goals.


Setting attainable and quantifiable objectives.

We can help your brand grow at a comfortable and sustainable rate by helping you develop reasonable targets based on our consulting and research methodology.


Choosing the ideal style and feel for your business.

The most crucial design task you’ll ever complete is unquestionably creating your brand identity.
Our experts at The Real Deal Digital can help you completely rebrand or update your current images.

Customer Base

Who are we going after?

Our in-depth research approach includes steps for completely comprehending your existing customer base, determining their online behaviors, forecasting future customer trends in your industry, and identifying untapped customer resources to investigate.


Ensuring that you maintain control.

We provide design solutions with ‘back-ends’ that can be customized, giving our clients the option to upload new information like blogs and other marketing materials as well as update or add stock as needed.

Built to Last

Getting Your Website Ready for the Future.

The greatest way to approach design, marketing, and consulting is in small steps so that the outcomes can be monitored and evaluated.
To expand your business organically, we’ll help you prioritize the most crucial tasks first and organize the subsequent phases.

The Real Deal Digital Covers Everything

You need compelling content that appeals to your market base in order to attract clients. We help you gain genuine clicks that have a better probability of turning into sales by using our in-depth keyword analysis.
A website that is not search engine optimized won't be found. To assist you in climbing the search results pages, our designers incorporate SEO functionality into the very fabric of your material.
Conversion Rate Optimisation
Getting people to visit your website is one thing, but making sales is quite another. Our main goal is to provide you real, targeted consumers who are more likely to buy from you because they need what you offer.
Email Marketing
We can keep you ahead of the competition and boost your sales by developing personalised customer communications based on previous sales, activated links, abandoned carts, and special offers.
Social Media
We'll work with you to establish your brand's voice and tone across all of the channels you use. This increases your company's presence and visibility, builds client confidence, and opens up more channels of communication with your users.

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