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Marketing and sales automation can boost the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.
With marketing automation software and CRM systems, you may streamline your company’s marketing operations and lower the margin for error.

TheRealDealDigital`s marketing automation solutions will guide you through the whole marketing process, from planning to execution.
We’ll take care of your marketing automation, as well as marketing operations, customer journeys, and CRM integrations.

Why is The RealDeal Email Marketing so Effective

Evaluation of a Marketing Solution

For companies who are unclear about which marketing automation solution to adopt or if their current marketing automation solution is the appropriate fit for them, we also provide solution identification and evaluation.

Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to work with a variety of businesses and get a thorough understanding of their needs.
However, regardless of industry, our experience taught us how to assess a company’s individual needs.

Our assessment is thorough, taking into account the technical, financial, and end-user aspects of an automation solution.

For a flawless marketing operation, The RealDeal Digital also offers experienced CRM consultancy and administration services.
If you’re not on the same page as your customers, a marketing automation system is useless.

We’re experts in the field of automation.

The scope of our examination includes a review of marketing automation tools and technologies, such as:

  • Vendor comparison of automation tools
  • Features and performance limits are assessed.
  • Technical and functional needs are assessed.
  • Pricing methods and plan contracts are examined.
  • Capabilities for Data Schema Integration

Based on your objectives and the results of the review, our team of skilled market automation consultants will make recommendations and develop an automation strategy.

Services for Marketing Operations

You don’t have to spend months learning how to use marketing automation software or juggling many products.
Outsourcing your marketing operations management frees up internal resources, allowing you to concentrate on running your company.

We provide marketing operation services ranging from general to specialized processes, such as:

  • Campaign to generate leads
  • Management of a marketing campaign
  • Campaign for marketing communications
  • Database management for marketing

All of these marketing operation services are handled by marketing automation experts with years of experience.

Mapping the Customer Journey

Mapping your customer’s journey entails recording the customer’s whole lifetime, as well as their interactions with your brand at each stage and their overall experience with your brand.

Even with a good marketing effort, not all consumer journeys are the same, and their experiences with your brand will differ.
However, optimizing every marketing campaign with your customer’s wants in mind is one method to deliver a high-quality experience for your customers.

  • Determine the most effective marketing channels.
  • Lead nurturing at highest potential
  • The creation of a lead scoring system.
  • Analyze the content
  • Forecasting revenue

Implementation of Marketing Automation Solutions

Every step of the way, The RealDeal Digital will be there to assist you.
We will provide technical knowledge from evaluation through implementation, preventing you from wasting valuable corporate time and money due to incorrect implementations and integrations.

  • Integration of CRM with social media
  • Development of a marketing database
  • Segmentation of data (static, semi-dynamic, or fully dynamic lists)
  • Process creation and execution for lead generation and management
  • Templates for marketing automation (email and landing page responsive templates)

The Results Speak for Themself

Effective lead generation, high email deliverability, outstanding marketing operations, and correct marketing plan execution are just a few of the measurable outcomes of our marketing automation systems.
Companies can have a better understanding of their marketing operations and readily measure marketing ROI thanks to program simplicity.

  • Processes and feature outlines are documented in detail.
  • A comprehensive guide (marketing automation basics and governance, lead nurture campaign set up, lead scoring optimization, and program creation)
  • Perfomance Reports
  • Sales Alerts

The technique of leveraging current technology to improve the effectiveness of your advertising efforts is known as digital marketing automation.
This is best accomplished by automating manual activities and coordinating all components of a service advertising campaign (ads, email, text messaging, social media marketing, and more) through a single feature-rich app.

Similar to sales automation, sales automation reduces manual, repetitive procedures, allowing your sales force to focus on completing deals and keeping customers pleased.
This is accomplished through automating lead follow-ups, assisting you in managing your sales pipeline, and delivering bills and payment reminders to clients, among other things.

Services can benefit from marketing and sales automation to improve their return on investment, customer and employee happiness, and overall growth.
The following are some of the proven advantages:

  • Additional income
  • Expense reductions
  • On a single page, you’ll find sales and marketing.
  • There will be less time spent on advertising campaigns.
  • The advertising process has been simplified.
  • Customer journey that is tailored to them
  • Generation and nurturing of leads

Using a specialist tool that was created from the ground up with those functions in mind is the easiest and most successful approach to automate digital sales and marketing. Hubspot, Mailchimp, Salesforce just to name a few.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to marketing automation.
Consider automating some or all of the tasks below:

  • Newsletters sent by email (weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc.)
  • Drip marketing campaigns
  • Email personalization that works
  • Promotional banners on websites
  • Bots for social media and scheduling
  • Lead qualification on a dynamic website
  • Management of contacts
  • Syncing CRM leads
  • Reports on marketing
  • Special incentives for birthdays and anniversaries
  • Emails with surveys and feedback
  • Emails with testimonials and reviews
  • Launches and improvements to services

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