Result-oriented marketing strategies

How important is your strategy?

What are the benefits of having a digital marketing strategy?


You can only be successful with digital marketing if you have a well-thought-out strategy in place.
The Real Deal Digital creates precise marketing plans that deliver outstanding results.

Our digital marketing team has a wide range of skills that include all elements of brand communication in both traditional and new media.
We consider ourselves an extension of your team when we work with you, and we’re here to help your company develop.

What is The Real Deal Content?

Planning, Evaluation, and Research

The first stage in designing a marketing plan is to talk about your company’s goals and objectives.
This is so that we can have a thorough picture of your brand, company, marketing goals, and priorities.
We then look at any areas that might be able to assist you in achieving your marketing objectives.
Giving you a complete picture of your company and the market in which it competes.


We’ll create a digital marketing strategy for your company that’s fully integrated and includes pricing.
It will provide a clear structure for the project as a whole, allowing us and you to understand what will be implemented and when.
Transparency is critical at this stage of the process to ensure that you understand exactly what we’ll do and why we’ll do it.


We will start the implementation of your digital marketing strategy once you have signed off on the marketing plan and authorized your final project budgets.
The strategy is likely to evolve over time in response to the outcomes of the work we’re doing.
Don’t worry, though, because we’ll keep you updated every step of the way.

Building Blocks of your Digital Strategy
A fully branded central digital area where customers can learn more about your products and services, investigate them, contact your staff, or make a purchase. The majority of your internet effort will be focused on directing visitors to this location. It's your digital storefront, where you may display all of your material and offer new and existing consumers additional perks.
Search Engine Optimization
Techniques like Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) are employed across a variety of platforms, including Google Ads, Shopping, and Bing Ads, as well as bespoke content on a variety of social media sites, in this type of marketing approach.
Content Marketing
The creation and distribution of physical or digital material that provides your clients with something relevant, useful, and/or educational in addition to your usual products and services. Successful content marketing can result in increased sales and a more engaged customer base.
Social Media Marketing
Customer loyalty may be enhanced, a wider audience can be engaged, and new and existing users can be encouraged to visit your website by sharing clever, well-constructed, and timely material across any relevant social media channels. Genuine communications and tailored advertisements on these sites will help you raise brand awareness and recognition.
Email Marketing
Email communications to existing and new customers that are genuine and well-presented can be a great method to drive traffic to your site and increase sales. Email marketing is a solid and reliable instrument in your marketing plan when combined with more complex strategies like 'Abandoned Cart' reminders.
The ability to monitor and assess the success rate is the foundation of any strategy. When you use extensive analytics, you can account for every click, every sale, and every consumer behavior, and you'll have thorough and trustworthy data to plan your future steps as a brand and a business.
Putting Your Customized Strategy into Action

The delivery of our proposal for your business growth is the outcome of this period of study, preparation, and idea sharing.

This report will showcase our results, recommendations, and marketing plan, as well as provide in-depth treatment of the following topics:


A thorough and in-depth analysis of your target market and key demographics, as well as any untapped potential client bases.


Details on where else your customers purchase, what they buy, when and how they buy it will help you better understand your customers.


Details about your top competitors, including current sales, marketing, and social media activity, as well as how your company compares.


Giving you a deeper and more complete picture of your market, your industry’s present status, and where your company fits into it.


Identifying the main features that set your firm apart.
What distinguishes you from your competitors?
Your values, vision, and mission.


Information on areas where your business can differentiate itself or specialize, as well as underutilized and potential resources and ways to provide actual value to your clients.

Resources & Budget

Details on where your marketing and sales efforts should be focused.
How can you refocus your attention and make the most of the resources you have?

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Performance Indicators

Describe how you’ll be able to assess the success and progress of your individual marketing and digital strategy.

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