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The world is getting more and more digital, and traditional marketing techniques are not effective anymore. Your whole online presence, from an interactive website, through all forms of online advertising and social media are imperative for your business. Working with a digital marketing agency gives you access to different skilled professionals and numerous resources to help you reach new customers and retain existing ones.

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What is a full service digital marketing agency ?

Due to the fact that traditional marketing is no longer effective, in this digital era, it is crucial to have a comprehensive online presence.

With our team of highly trained professionals, the RealDealDigital will save you time and money. Our company offers the full digital experience, from designing amazing websites and ecommerce stores, through detailed SEO and all the way to creative social media, we have everything under the same roof.

What are The Real Deal Services

Digital Marketing Strategy

A strategy is the core of your digital marketing efforts. It will define both the goals and opportunities for your business. Starting without a digital marketing strategy in place will surely bring everything to a standstill at some point.

Our team is experienced in drawing a roadmap for your digital marketing. We will build a strategy for your business regardless if you are a startup or a big corporation.

Each of our digital marketing strategies are tailored specially towards your business, offering unique and bespoke solutions for your brand.

Content Marketing

Content marketing consists of creating and sharing information in a variety of different formats, which provide value to your target audience. The true goal of content marketing is about interacting with your audience on a personal level, increasing brand awareness and building genuine relationships and interactions. Customers tend to invest their time and money in a brand that they have a connection with.

As a full service digital marketing agency we offer content marketing using all kinds of media available. From copywriting and blogging all the way to motion graphics and design. Our team are professionals at creating content that draws in an audience. Each piece of content we produce for your business will be said in your business`s voice, making sure to build connections with your target audience.

Search Engine Optimisation

Appearing on the first page of search engine results (SERPs) is crucial for any business. This is why focusing on search engines like Google and Bing is of utmost importance. This is where SEO comes to play. With the ever changing algorithms of search engines, it is hard to stay relevant if you are now focusing a lot of time and energy on this. Let us do the hard work for you.

The RealDealDigital will provide a comprehensive SEO audit to check what stops your business from appearing at the top pages of SERPs. Once identified, we will draw up a bespoke SEO strategy which will deliver the best results for your business, ultimately driving traffic to your website and digital spaces, maximizing leads and profit.

A digital marketing agency with a deep understanding of SEO will help you save time and money.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising includes techniques such as Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC). It is used across a wide range of platforms, mainly Google and all of the bigger social media platforms. When performed correctly it can drive only relevant traffic to your website, thus providing a huge return on investment.

Those techniques are a crucial part of our full service digital experience. With the regular reports we provide you will know exactly what is happening with your money.

We have delivered successful paid search advertising across Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and TikTok.

Social Media

Social media has become a crucial part of the life of everyone. Most of us check their profiles at least once a day. Around 70% of the US population uses social media platforms, for Australia that percentage is over 80%. You can clearly see how much you can miss out on if you are not utilizing social media under any form for your business.

We use a lot of different social media platforms, creating relevant and captivating content for your page. We will use all of our resources to convert visitors into followers, and followers into customers.

Whether you need content rolled through Facebook,Instagram,Linkedin,Tiktok or Twitter we got you covered.We have experts specializing in each of the different social media platforms.

Website Design

The RealDealDigital specialize in creating bespoke websites in any field or industry. Our developers work closely with designers to craft beautiful and unique products for every customer.

A captivating front end design is just one part of your website experience. Performance and functionality should all be taken into account when building a website from the ground up. Having a fast and intuitive experience is crucial for every visitor.

As a full service digital agency we know that a website should be the face of your brand. It must be unique and bespoke for your brand.


More than 20% of all retail trade in Australia is done online, with that figure for the US being more than 25%. This is why a good e-commerce website is crucial for any business, whether you sell digital or physical goods.

At the RealDealDigital we have a team of e-commerce developers with extensive experience in building stores that convert and provide amazing ROI. An extremely important part of the development of an e-commerce store is making sure it is properly set up both for mobile and desktop users.

All of the e-commerce websites we create will provide a smooth user experience and seamless transitions from browsing to ordering. We will integrate easy to use payment systems with multiple payment methods, making sure to retain most of your customers.. As a full-service digital marketing agency, our team can put the best SEO practices to ensure that your e-commerce site is easily found by users.

Website Hosting

Website hosting is the icing on the cake for our full service digital agency. We perfected this service because no matter how good looking and intuitive your website is, if it gets taken down, hacked or is just loading slowly, nothing will matter. At the RealDealDigital we will host our website, and ensure it is alway running smoothly.

We offer 24/7 security monitoring, regularly scanning for security vulnerabilities to ensure there are never any openings for hackers to take advantage of. We also provide automatic backups so in the rare event that your website is hacked or taken down, we can recover it in minutes.

Bespoke Marketing Solutions

Creative, Analytical and Critical

Everything we do at the RealDealDigital is driven by actual analytical data and creative planning. Posting for the sake of just staying active is no longer beneficial, from our content writing through our paid companies, we apply real science behind all of our digital marketing. We strive to always improve our knowledge, staying inline with the ever changing algorithms of the digital world, getting our customers one step ahead of the competition.

Tailored Digital Marketing Services

Every business is unique in its core, that’s why everything we do as a digital marketing agency is tailored just for you. Our aim is to find digital marketing solutions which are bespoke, in order to meet your individual goals, vision and budgets. Through analytical data and passion, we will immerse ourselves in your business, in order to bring out the best possible digital marketing, made for your specific needs.

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